About Front Door


ELCOME TO FRONT DOOR, your exclusive platform to start your entrepreneurial journey.

This version is a BETA version developed by Sharify for the IMPACT CHALLENGE 2017, which took place from Nov 24 - Nov 26 2017 at Silversquare Louise.

Here are some important information points to take into account when using the plaform:

- All partners gathered on the IMPACT CHALLENGE are strategic partners of the IMPACT CHALLENGE organization team: Sharify, Ustart and Erasmushogeschool Brussels. The rewards offered by those partners are exclusively designed for the IMPACT CHALLENGE winning teams.

- All products and services displayed on the platform are only available for the participating teams of the IMPACT CHALLENGE.

- All teams that presented their final project to the jury on Sunday 26th of November received an amount of credits to be spent on the FRONT DOOR Platform.
Those credits have been allocated to each team respecting the final ranking resulting from the evaluation process of the IMPACT CHALLENGE jury panel.

- The rewards granted to the participating teams are the property of all team members and can only be used to develop the project presented during the IMPACT CHALLENGE.

- All rewards selected by the team after the IMPACT CHALLENGE need to be selected collectively by all members of the team. Exceptions can be made if one or various team members explicitly give the right to other team members to select the rewards without his participation. However, this has to officially communicated through a written email or letter.